Saint Romero celebrated in El Salvador


In El Salvador, communities celebrated the canonization of Saint Oscar Romero the weekend of October 14.  Thousands, including SP member communities, gathered in the central square in San Salvador and throughout the country to join in celebrations.

In a homily in San Salvador before the canonization, Father José María Tojeira said, “We are not worshiping a cadaver, we worship someone who is alive.”  He emphasized that, to truly follow the example of Saint Romero, people must continue to work toward transformation to create a society in which all people have the right to water, housing, education, health, and work.

Sister Parish staff in El Salvador, Julieta Borja, wrote, “To all in the Sister Parish family, there are no words to express all of the feelings and the joy we feel, how big this is and how much this means for finally finding justice and peace in our country. Thank you for being in solidarity and for being witnesses of the love and the light that San Romero calls us to follow.”

Below are pictures and video shared by Sister Parish representatives during the celebrations.

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