Learn More about Central America

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El Salvador


Central America

Immigration / Migration

Movement for Racial Justice


  • Teaching Central America’s film list.
  • When we were young.  Interviews with children during the wars and again decades later (both El Salvador and Guatemala).
  • Gold Fever.  A film about mining in Guatemala, organizing and resistance in affected communities, and the role of international investments.
  • Luis Argueta’s films abUSAdos, Abrazos, and The Silence of Neto.
  • Mujeres de la guerra/Women of the War.  A film highlighting the stories of women during El Salvador’s war and now.
  • Finding Oscar. A film about the search for a young survivor of a massacre in Guatemala who was adopted by one of the soldiers.
  • 500 Years. A film about the history of Guatemala and recent efforts for justice.
  • Harvest of Empire. A film that ties the history of U.S. intervention in Latin America to current migration.