Learn More about Central America

Want to learn more?  Request a copy of our resource list or check out the following links to our favorite (English-language) news sources and social justice organizations:

El Salvador


Central America (general)

  • Teaching Central America.  A website with wonderful resources for raising awareness in the U.S.
  • Latin America Working Group. A coalition promoting more just US foreign policy and fairer relations with Central America.
  • North American Congress on Latin America. An organization committed promoting a more just US foriegn policy through journalism and media activism.
  • Rights Action. An organization that funds community development and rights-based work in Mexico and Central America and carries out education and activism work with North Americans.
  • School of the Americas Watch. An organization that works to close the School of Americas/WHINSEC, a US-run combat training school. Graduates of the school have been frequently implicated in human rights abuses in Latin America.  SOA Watch has expanded its work in recent years to protest the militarization of the U.S./Mexico border, among other issues.
  • Amnesty International. A link to their website covering human rights abuses in the Americas.

Immigration / Migration

Movement for Racial Justice


  • Teaching Central America’s film list.
  • When we were young.  Interviews with children during the wars and again decades later (both El Salvador and Guatemala).
  • Gold Fever.  A film about mining in Guatemala, organizing and resistance in affected communities, and the role of international investments.
  • Luis Argueta’s films abUSAdos, Abrazos, and The Silence of Neto.
  • Mujeres de la guerra/Women of the War.  A film highlighting the stories of women during El Salvador’s war and now.
  • Finding Oscar. A film about the search for a young survivor of a massacre in Guatemala who was adopted by one of the soldiers.
  • 500 Years. A film about the history of Guatemala and recent efforts for justice.
  • Harvest of Empire. A film that ties the history of U.S. intervention in Latin America to current migration.