Sister Parish, Inc.

Solidarity Walks 2017 –
Organize a walk or make a pledge

We are getting ready for our annual Solidarity Walks.  This year’s theme is “Embracing Our Neighbors”, reflecting on how our faith calls us to live in community with others.  We hope you will join us by participating in a Solidarity Walk or event in your community.  If your community is not organizing this year, please consider pledging to support your partner community and donate to the walks in Central America. The video above is from the Guatemala Solidarity Walk and the El Salvador Solidarity Walk will take place on December 2.


Visit to Chichipate

Representatives of Guatemala Sister Parish communities met for their bi-annual gathering and the annual Solidarity Walk this past September.  The visit to rural Chichipate provided an opportunity for many to learn from Chichipate’s history of community organizing with communities affected by mining.