Sister Parish, Inc.

Open Delegation 2019

We invite you to join our Open Delegation from November 15-24, 2019.  We will connect with communities and human rights leaders in Guatemala and El Salvador. Contact us for more information about the delegation or potential scholarships.

2019 Solidarity Shout Out

Sister Parish, Inc. is organizing a special fundraising campaign this year to provide delegation scholarships, organize a U.S. speaking tour, and strengthen our capacity to meet our members’ needs.   Whether by donating, fundraising, or joining a delegation, we hope you will join us in our shout out to Sister Parish!

Re-thinking mission

We compiled a number of articles about re-thinking mission trips. The articles challenge our thinking and invite us to further reflection. We hope these articles will be helpful in bringing in new people, as well as in supporting a process of further reflection for those already involved.

Southern Encounter 2018

Thank you to all who made our Southern Encounter possible in 2018.  Representatives from El Salvador and Guatemala gathered for fellowship, workshops and organizational planning.  Here’s to facilitating community and loving relationships despite borders!

Celebrating Saint Romero

Communities in El Salvador and around the world celebrated the canonization of Saint Oscar Romero on October 14.  In the homily in San Salvador, Fr. Father José María Tojeira emphasized that, to truly follow the example of Saint Romero, people must continue to work toward a more just world.

What can we do between delegations?

The St Joan of Arc Sister Parish committee has been busy this fall between delegations with a Tamalada and movie night and other activities.  Danville Congregational Church has hosted speakers and organized to send student care packages and Christmas cards.