Sister Parish, Inc.


Virtual Delegations 2021

Our first Virtual Delegation was a huge success! This year, we invite our sistering communities to organize virtual delegations with us.  Check out our planning guide and contact us to get started.

Mutual aid in El Salvador

Last fall, communities in El Salvador organized aid efforts with the Sister Parish Pandemic Emergency Fund.  Thank you to everyone who donated to the fund. We are honored and grateful to have had the opportunity to partner with the communities in El Salvador in these efforts.

Zoom with Rubia (CCR)

Join us for a Zoom conversation with Rubia Guardado Guardado about current events and the recent elections in El Salvador on Saturday, March 20 at 10am Central U.S. time.  Register here

A year like no other

Board member Cathy Burrell shares a message about transitions and connections for Sister Parish in 2020.  “In addition to providing emergency relief, we needed to find ways to continue to grow our relationships between the north and south even through a global pandemic.”

Sister Parish mass at SJA

In November, St Joan of Arc in Minneapolis organized a Sister Parish-themed mass.  Watch the video, with video prayers from Tierra Nueva 2, an amazing song, and comments by Jeff and Rita.  What a great way to share this relationship with others!

Emergency aid

We are raising funds for relief for Sister Parish communities affected by the coronavirus emergency in Guatemala and El Salvador. Follow our blog to see examples of how Sister Parish communities are using the aid to make a difference in their communities.

New to Sister Parish?

Welcome!  We are looking for U.S. churches interested in forming a long-term partnership with Central America.  Outside of the pandemic, we also organize delegations for the public and for U.S. churches and universities. Sign up for our e-news or contact us for more information.