Sister Parish, Inc.

Churches called to ministries on migration

A number of Sister Parish member churches have recently responded to calls for action on migration and U.S. policy, feeling called to ministries that address the current climate.  We are sharing their ideas and actions for others who may be interested.

International Women’s Day in Guatemala

With the Women’s Ministry in Tierra Nueva 1 and 2 and the Multi-Sector Group, we went to a mass and activities to commemorate the one year anniversary of the tragedy at the state-run “safe house” Hogar Seguro and the opening of the Molina Thiessen trial.

Give us hearts of flesh – Tierra Nueva II visits St. Joan of Arc

This February, members of Tierra Nueva II visited the Twin Cities to share in worship and fellowship with their sister parish.  “Give us hearts of flesh” was the theme for the Lenten services and we certainly grew our hearts during the delegation. We were welcomed in church services and Bible reflections, met with wonderful community organizations, shared in community service, and even had time for zumba and a walk on (frozen) water.

El Salvador Solidarity Walk in Zaragoza, La Libertad

Representatives in El Salvador gathered for the 5th Annual Solidarity Walk in Zaragoza this year.  The event was planned for December 2, the anniversary of the 1980 murder of four U.S. missionaries in El Salvador.  The participants wanted to pay homage to the martyrs of the armed conflict as part of the event.  The evening started with a mass, a walk to the town center, and then a brief program in front of the Zaragoza mural honoring the four missionaries and Monsignor Romero.  The Guatemala Solidarity Walk took place in Chichipate in September.