Sister Parish, Inc.

Sister Parish, Inc. promotes intercultural and ecumenical understanding by establishing linkages between churches in the United States and faith-based communities in Central America.  Our members tell you more in the brief video Introduction to Sister Parish.

Solidarity Walks 2017 –
Organize a walk or make a pledge

We are getting ready for our annual Solidarity Walks.  This year’s theme is “Embracing Our Neighbors”, reflecting on how our faith calls us to live in community with others.  We hope you will join us by participating in a Solidarity Walk or event in your community.  If your community is not organizing this year, please consider pledging to support your partner community and donate to the walks in Central America.

Who isn’t our neighbor?

Seven delegates from Danville Congregational Church visited their partner community San Antonio in April 2017.    After the delegates returned, the church held a Sister Parish-themed service  to share the experience with the wider church.  Reverend Eric Sherlock delivered a sermon that reflected on his delegation experience, the parable of the Good Samaritan, and the Archbishop Oscar Romero Prayer.  See delegation photos.

Learning the art of resistance

Delegate Rita Nohner reflects on what she has learned from her visits to her church’s partner community, Tierra Nueva II in Guatemala.  “That’s why I was there, I guess. God is giving me the opportunity, with each visit to Guatemala, to deepen my faith. To learn perseverance. To regain perspective.” Read Rita’s full reflection.