Become a Sustainer

anniversary_delegation_9Sister Parish sustainers make a monthly or recurring donation to the organization that is automatically deducted from their account or charged to their credit card.  This is convenient for donors and provides the organization with a steady source of income.

If you would like to become a sustainer, please contact us for more information or print and fill out this form and mail it to our financial office.

Below, sustainers explain why they decided to give to Sister Parish on a regular basis.

“The health and vitality of Sister Parish is important to our family, so we recently decided to automate our charitable gift. Rather than writing a once-a-year donation check to Sister Parish, we now have a smaller amount withdrawn from our checking account on a monthly basis. It’s easy to do and a win-win for everyone — in addition to being convenient for our family, Sister Parish benefits from a steady, reliable source of funding.”
– Nancy and Rick

“The increased communication between the Northern and Southern Board members could not happen without our dedicated staff members. Despite a lean staff size, we are blessed to have a mighty crew living out the mission and vision of Sister Parish, Inc. I value the work of our SP staff, and that is one reason why my husband and I have decided to become automatic monthly donors to Sister Parish, Inc.”
– Sarah