Documentary: Generations in Solidarity

FilmSister Parish released the documentary titled Generations in Solidarity: The Sister Parish Story in 2013 as part of our 25th Anniversary celebration. Contact us or visit the film’s website to order a copy and/or organize a screening.

About Generations in Solidarity
The film tells the story of Sister Parish’s beginnings during the civil wars in Central America and how Sister Parish communities continue to struggle for justice today amid violence, globalization and environmental degradation. The documentary includes footage from our 25th Anniversary delegation, as well as interviews of Sister Parish leaders from Guatemala, El Salvador and the United States. The film serves as a powerful reminder of our shared journey, and how we can continue to stand in solidarity with each other today.

Filming the documentary during the 25th Anniversary Delegation

Filming the documentary during the 25th Anniversary Delegation

Premiere Review
February 26, 2014

“Watching this film was a heartwarming experience on a very cold night! By shining a spotlight on the on-going struggles of the people of Central America and the inspiration almost three decades ago of an aging preacher and a homemaker to create a transformational organization called Sister Parish, this film weaves a seamless narrative of oppression, resilience and grace. The Sister Parish model of uniting faith communities in Central and North America through long-term relationships, interconnectedness and solidarity was created during the darkest days of armed conflict in Guatemala and El Salvador — but now, a generation later, it remains just as valid. The film asks us to reflect on the source and nature of injustice in Central America and the parallels to environmental and social issues faced in the U.S. today. And it invites us to ask tough questions about what we can do as global citizens and people of faith and hope.” – Nancy Wiens