Zoom Presentations

Sister Parish organizes periodic presentations on Zoom with community leaders.  We invite people to learn about each others’ realities despite the limitations of the pandemic. Sign up for our e-news to receive notice about future Zoom conversations with Sister Parish leaders.

Zoom with Rubia (CCR)

Saturday, March 20, 2021
10am Central time (U.S.)
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Join us for a Zoom conversation with Rubia Guardado Guardado of the CCR  about current events and the recent elections in El Salvador, specifically in the area of Chalatenango.  Rubia represents the Community Association for the Development of Chalatenango (CCR) that coordinates closely with four Sister Parish communities in the region.

More about Rubia Guardado Guardado:

“I live in San José las Flores, Chalatenango. I graduated with a degree in social work, and I am currently the General Secretary of the CCR, coordinating and organizing our work in the communities. In addition to my work, I am a committed mother. My leadership has been developed through different formation processes on the struggles for women’s rights and human rights. I am committed to the historical work of the communities and the social movement that advocates for human rights and justice in our country.”

Zoom with Miriam – Video

See the video of our Zoom conversation with Miriam López of CORDES and Sister Parish about how communities in El Salvador are organizing in the pandemic, specifically on the issue of violence against women.  Consecutive interpretation is provided in the video.

Zoom with Dina – Video

Dina Velásquez, President of the cooperative and community center UPAVIM in Guatemala, talked to us about the reality of the pandemic for UPAVIM and also addressed faith and solidarity in times of crisis.  The video is posted on our blog with consecutive interpretation.

Zoom with Miriam – Video

Miriam Vásquez spoke with us over Zoom about the pandemic in urban areas in Guatemala and how people are drawing on their faith in a time of hardship.  The video with consecutive interpretation is posted on YouTube.