Mission and Vision

Sister Parish exists to foster mutual understanding and commitment to peace and justice among people in the United States and Central America.  This objective is pursued through intentional linking between churches and Christian communities in the United States and Central America.  Delegation travel to the North and South with home stays is an essential aspect in enhancing awareness and understanding, and nurturing closer relationships.

We believe the Kingdom of God is already present but not complete, and the liberating Gospel calls us to work together to build this Kingdom through:

  • Consciousness-Raising. We will seek to transform the world by sharing each other’s experiences so that we can better understand and overcome the sources of injustice and oppression.
  • Solidarity. By putting ourselves in the reality of others and by building an interdependent community of brothers and sisters within and among countries, we will promote mutual respect and dignity for all people, advocate for human rights, and work for social and economic justice for all.
  • Reconciliation. We will live in peace with one another by finding the courage to recognize our own failings and to forgive each other despite the history of violence that has caused so much pain.
  • Ecumenism. We will accept each other and respect each person’s beliefs and practices, as we unite to work together so that all may share equally in the fullness of God’s creation.