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Life of a student in rural Guatemala – Conversation with Tomas Tol Perez

The Guatemalan school year for public and most private schools begins in January and ends in October. This year’s fight against COVID-19 has disrupted the school year for many students in Guatemala. Teachers were preparing to enter the second trimester … Continue reading

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Communities organize in absence of government aid

Waiting for government aid The Guatemalan government has borrowed billions of dollars from the International Monetary Bank, Inter-American Development Bank, and The World Bank to fund various natural disaster relief programs and other programs. These programs aim to support the … Continue reading

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Prolonged drought in Guatemala

In this video, Sister Parish staff member Brian visits the community of San Andres Itzapa and talks to farmers about how the 2019 drought affected them.  The farmers in the region have now weathered 3 years of unpredictable rainy seasons.  … Continue reading

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Q’eqchi’ Communities Release Statement on Defense of Land Rights

Q’eqchi’ Communities: June 30 Se’Chaj, Maya Q’eqchi’ Farmers’ Association, Se’Tal, Agua Caliente Lote 9, Community of April 13, Lote 8, Las Nubes, La Ceiba, El Zapatillo, and all communities of El Estor, Izabal. To the national and international public, we … Continue reading

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Conmemorando el Día Internacional de la Mujer

In English El 8 de marzo de 2014, miles de personas se juntaron para conmemorar el Día Internacional de la Mujer en Guatemala. La marcha fue festiva y a la vez creó un espacio para que las mujeres hablaran sobre … Continue reading

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Celebrating International Women’s Day

En español On March 8, 2014, thousands of people gathered to commemorate International Women’s Day in Guatemala.  The march was celebratory and created a space for women to talk about how they continue to fight for equal rights. — In … Continue reading

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Celebrating Women’s Day

On March 8, thousands of men, women, young people gathered in Guatemala City to honor International Women’s Day in Guatemala. With banners, chants, and music, men and women walked from the Guatemalan Supreme Court to Congress to the Public Prosecutor’s … Continue reading

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Government of El Salvador asked once again to take leadership in banning metallic mining

(This article was originally posted by StopMining.org) San Salvador, February 4th, 2012 The NationalRoundtable Against Metallic Mining in El Salvador(La Mesa) reiterated in a press conference thismorning its petition for the Salvadoran Government to introduce legislation to place a definite ban to … Continue reading

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Former Dictator Faces Trial in Guatemala

 Last month, Guatemala made history when it became the first country to decide to try a former leader for genocide on home soil. On January 28, a judge ruled that General Jose Efrain Rios Montt would stand trial for acts of genocide … Continue reading

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1976 and Now

Wednesday, November 7, after a 7.2 Richter Scale earthquake, many fears were reawakened in Guatemala. Many people rushed to call loved ones, secure food and water, or save a neighbor buried under the rubble. For many Guatemalans, this was a … Continue reading

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