Celebrating International Women’s Day

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On March 8, 2014, thousands of people gathered to commemorate International Women’s Day in Guatemala.  The march was celebratory and created a space for women to talk about how they continue to fight for equal rights.


Members of the Pastoral Women’s Group from Tierra Nueva

In Guatemala, the issues addressed by participating groups included equal wages, jobs with dignity, access to health care, respect for LGBTQ rights, violence prevention, treatment for victims of violence, protection for women workers, and the defense of territory and indigenous rights.

The Multi-Sector Committee in Tierra Nueva wrote a statement giving historical background on March 8 and inviting women and men to participate in the construction of a more humane society with equal rights for all.  The statement ends with the following, “We build peace together. Human rights violations against women also affect men, their children, their family, and their society. Let’s fight the ignorance and dehumanization that leads us to act violently.”


Members of St. Joan of Arc with women from Tierra Nueva

Members of St. Joan of Arc (in a sister parish relationship with Tierra Nueva 2) and Sister Parish staff had the honor of joining the march to accompany the women from Tierra Nueva 1 and 2.

We hope our photos of the march and the video give you a sense of the day, both the celebration of the rights that have been won and the expression of needs and the rights for which we must continue to fight.

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2 Responses to Celebrating International Women’s Day

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  2. Nancy Wiens says:

    I applaud the leadership of these women who work together for peace. Wish I could have been there!

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