Open Delegation Stories 1: Saint Oscar Romero and current realities in El Salvador

by Cathy Burrell

Our group met together for the first time at breakfast. After introductions and a brief orientation, we set off for the day.

Part of our group outside the Divina Providencia chapel.

Our first stop was to Divina Providencia in San Salvador. This is the site where Oscar Romero was assassinated in the chapel while offering mass on March 24, 1980. We then visited the small house (now a museum) where Saint Romero lived while he served as Archbishop of San Salvador. This was a powerful experience as we learned about his life. Saint Romero spoke out against poverty and social injustice and it cost him his life. Next, we visited the National Cathedral and the crypt where Saint Romero is buried.

We had lunch with the crafts cooperative ACOMUJERZA in Zaragoza. We had presentations about the cooperative and their Sister Parish relationship with People of Hope church in Rochester, MN. The cooperative offers crafts with the role of helping to transform the lives of women. Eneyda Ramos from International Partners in Mission gave a presentation on economic policies and their impact on violence, migration and the environment.

Learning about the ACOMUJERZA cooperative in Zaragoza.

After a delay due to heavy rains we returned to the guest house. Sofia Baires shared stories with us about migrants who have returned to El Salvador after being deported by the United States. Sofia is a coordinator for CIMITRA, a network that advocates for returning migrants.

It was a long but a day filled with lots of information and powerful stories.

Memorial for Saint Romero at the National Cathedral.

Our group with one of the murals at Divina Providencia.

Staff member Julieta and her mother Maria Julia.

Pictures of the 8 people who were killed at the University of Central America in 1989 and a poster for the 30th anniversary mass.

National Cathedral in San Salvador.

Central Park in San Salvador.

Divina Providencia chapel where Saint Romero served and where he was murdered.

Outside Saint Romero’s house, where his organs were buried.

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