Advent and New Year messages from Sister Parish / Mensajes de Adviento y el Año Nuevo de Iglesias Hermanas

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From Guatemala

Eluvia Morales from Tierra Nueva 2 shares this message on the meaning of Advent.

Advent calls us to reflect on life, peace, and justice for the whole world. Advent represents faith and hope, and above all, love for our family and love for our neighbor.

During Advent, we reflect on our struggle in adversity. Advent reminds of our past and it revives our present and our future. Advent is the coming of the redeemer, a sprititual preparation in a liturgical year where there are no distinct religions, no divided churches. For me, the crown of Advent symbolizes family, community, countries without borders, one heart, and the birth of Jesus the Savior of the world. The candles are penitence, joy, light, forgiveness, and unity. Everything has a reason for being.

A prayer – We want to be awake because you bring the brighest light, the deepest peace, and the truest joy. Come, Jesus, come.

Greetings and a big hug to all my brothers and sisters for this Christmas holiday.

From El Salvador

Carlos Quintanilla de Guarjila comparte este video mensaje sobre la esperanza y la lucha en este momento.

Carlos Quintanilla from Guarjila shares this message of hope for this time of Advent and the new year.

From United States

Danville Congregational Church shared the following reflection and service for the First Sunday of Advent this year.

As we prepare to begin a new liturgical year this Sunday, we shift our noticing into deep awareness, naming hope as the hallmark of that awareness—of keeping ourselves awake, as Jesus urged in the gospel text for this week.

Hope is an essential element of our faith; yet if we pay attention to the world around us, we find that for many, hope—often clung to in the midst of trying times or great suffering—remains elusive…forlorn…even goes unrealized.

So as people of hope, what is it we are to “be awake” to? To whose stories do we pay attention and what is our role in challenging systems of oppression, inequity, and dehumanization that chip away at the hopes of those long denied justice, of those who long for, as Jesus prayed, “God’s kingdom come.” Rev. Lisle Gwynn Garrity writes, “Advent is a season of trusting that God’s deep wisdom will guide us from disorientation (the mini apocalypse found in Mark 13) toward wonder, awe, and praise (Mary’s Magnificat).

As we journey together this season, I pray that we will not only dream of a better world, but bring it forth through our choices and actions, our rituals and practices.” Friends, let us pay attention to the realities of the world around us and with an active hope, dwell in that space where God’s dreams for change and new life are emerging. Let us be alert, ever hopeful, as we wait for God to draw near.



Eluvia Morales de Tierra Nueva 2 comparte este mensaje sobre el significado del Adviento.

El Adviento es un llamado de reflexión a la vida, paz y justicia para todo el mundo.
El Adviento representa fe y esperanza y sobre todo el amor en la familia, amor a nuestro prójimo.

Durante el Adviento, se esfuerza para las adversidades que se presentan. Nos hace recordar el pasado y nos revive el presente y futuro. Es la venida del redentor y preparación espiritual de un año litúrgico donde no hay religiones Iglesias divididas. La corona de Adviento es para mi la familia,la comunidad, los países sin fronteras un solo corazón,el nacimiento de Jesús el Salvador del mundo. Las velas son penitencia alegría, luz, perdón, unión. Todo tiene razón de ser.

En oración queremos estar despiertos porque tu traes la luz más brillante la paz más profunda y la alegría más verdadera. Ven, Jesús, ven.

Un saludo y un ABRAZO a todos mis hermanos en estas fiestas navideñas que la pasen bien en nombre de Jesús.

El Salvador

Carlos Quintanilla comparte su mensaje de esperanza y lucha para el momento que vivimos.

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