Downers Grove FUMC visits UPAVIM in Guatemala

Originally published in DGFUMC’s The Tower Bell newsletter.

In the middle of July, a delegation of eight people from Downers Grove First United Methodist Church went to Guatemala to build relationships with the women of UPAVIM (Unidas Para Vivir Mejor/United for a Better Life), and learn about Guatemala’s history and culture. [The delegates] spent a week building connections. For over a decade, DGFUMC has celebrated our hermanamiento (sisterhood) with UPAVIM (Unidas Para Vivir Mejor United for a Better Life), a Christian co-op in La Esperanza, Guatemala. Every two years, a delegation from DGFUMC visits Guatemala or a delegation from UPAVIM visits the United States. These visits and the time spent in prayer with, and for, each other are all about building solidarity.The delegation is grateful for the DGFUMC’s Guatemala Connections task force and all who made it possible for them to go! Throughout the next few months there will be opportunities to hear about their experiences and learn more about this beautiful relationship that we share with UPAVIM. A special family meal featuring a Guatemalan dinner is planned for Wednesday, October 9.

Visiting Chichicastenango together.

Visiting UPAVIM’s amazing children’s library.

Visiting UPAVIM’s amazing children’s library.

Playing UNO with homestay family.

Learning how to make UPAVIM crafts – and learning how hard it is!

Learning how to make delicious champurradas (cookies) in UPAVIM’s bakery.

Visiting Pop Wuj art gallery and learning about Mayan spirituality and art.

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