St Thomas organizes community breakfast fundraiser for Sister Parish

The Sister Parish committee at St Thomas Lutheran Church in Bloomington, Indiana is fundraising for the next South to North delegation. They hope to invite members from Chichipate, Guatemala to visit in 2020.

The group has found successful ways to combine fundraising, raising awareness, and fun.  In March, the group organized a breakfast fundraiser at the church.  They provided language-matching game sheets, an arts and crafts activity for children, and a display table about the relationship with Chichipate.

The committee regularly includes updates in their church newsletter, including an update about this breakfast event.

Thank you St Thomas for your creativity and dedication!

Typical Guatemalan breakfast, with labels in Maya Q’eqchi’, the language spoken in Chichipate.

Arts and crafts activity for children and youth – make you own quetzal, the national bird of Guatemala.

Breakfast fundraiser at St Thomas.

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