Meet one of the scholarship students from San Jose la Montaña

Trinity Episcopal Church and their partner community San Jose la Montaña started a scholarship program for university students in 2018.  Diana is one of five students in the program. The small projects proposed by southern communities in Sister Parish and supported financially by the churches in the U.S. have a big impact on individual’s lives and help grow the relationship as well.

by Diana Carolina Casco López

I was born on March 9, 1998 in the municipality of Las Vueltas, in the state of Chalatenango in El Salvador at 2:24 p.m.  My parents are Rosa Miriam López and Víctor Manuel Casco.  My mother and my father are very hardworking and honest people.  I am an only child.

I have lived my entire life in the community of San José de la Montaña.   For pre-school and elementary school, I went to the public school here in the community. I went to middle school and high school in the town of Las Vueltas.

Middle schools and high school were difficult because of the distance. Las Vueltas is 2km from San José (and that can be a long ways away given transportation).  My parents have always had a difficult economic situation, like many families in our community.  My mom has worked with numerous community organizations but her work has not been paid.

In high school, I participated in plays, dance, speech, special events, youth groups, and our locally elected community council (the ADESCO).

In 2015 I started at the University of El Salvador in a degree program that was not my first choice.  I wanted to start studying and thought I would just switch degrees later.  I decided, however, to transfer to a university closer to home in Chalatenango for both economic reasons and safety considerations.  I am now studying Legal Sciences, which fascinates me.  I would like to defend and help people who need legal services.

I am in my first semester of the Legal Sciences degree at the University of Doctor Andres Bello in Chalatenango.  Sometimes it is hard; sometimes I barely have enough money for a meal and bus fare.  But I am very happy that I have started and I have good grades so far.  I hope I will be able to graduate.  I know it will not be easy but my hope to become a professional and my attitude will help me succeed.

I am also a member of the Network of Defenders of Sexual Rights and Reproductive Rights.  I am working to reduce pregnancies at an early age.

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