The true meaning of solidarity


by Carlos Quintanilla Morales
Guarjila, Chalatenango, El Salvador

I want in a very special way to give infinite gratitude to Sister Parish churches in the United States for the unconditional support that they have given to the communities in the northern area of Chalatenango [and now recently in La Libertad], El Salvador.

Speaking specifically about my community, Guarjila has received and continues to receive the blessing of being partnered with people from whom springs the true meaning of solidarity, not only in their words but also as shown in their daily actions. Drawing on this solidarity, we—youth, professionals, and the community in general—feel a moral commitment to continue fighting; because their examples are worthy to imitate.

I look forward to joining hands again soon. When we do, we shall form a human wall that I have no doubt will be stronger than any wall built of iron and cement that prevents us from sharing warmth with human beings; and we will continue to see each other as brothers and sisters, as sons and daughters of one God. All this will be possible when each of us recognizes the true meaning of solidarity or simply sees the other as the same, regardless of race, religion, color, or social class.

Carlos visits a local farm on a visit with Wallingford UMC in Seattle.

Santos from Guarjila serves communion during a retreat with Wallingford UMC members during a South to North delegation.

Delegates from Guarjila participate in an all church retreat during their visit to Wallingford UMC in Seattle.

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