Watching the fields we tend to grow fruit

[In April, Sister Parish board members and founders traveled to Central America for a special 25th Anniversary Delegation. This month, we’re posting reflections from delegates about that experience. This reflection is from Walter Arreaza, who worked for Sister Parish in Guatemala with his wife Jackie from 1991 to 2001. Walter and Jackie now live in Scotland, but are still strong supporters of the Sister Parish mission. You can read other reflections from the 25th Anniversary Delegation here.]

Sister Parish has been promoting and nurturing hermanamientos (linkages) for IMG_2170over 25 years now. Hermanamiento is a very powerful word when referring to a sister parish relationship because it describes a connection that focuses on becoming true sisters and brothers in Christ– across barriers such as borders, culture and language. 

I have been away from Sister Parish for a number of years (most of which I have spent living in Scotland) and so to come back and re-enter the experience has made a big impact on me again– just like in the beginning but with even more force– as I come with new expectations and to a field that has produced so many more fruits since I left. I finished this delegation inspired by the people in the hermanamientos-– their enthusiasm, their perseverance and commitment are really inspiring and deserve recognition, as they work to build the Kingdom of God in their communities. 

It is so refreshing to see the organization maturing and continuously re-working its way to be Witness in a world ever-changing and in so much need of justice, peace, fraternity and equality, which are directly created in each one of the relationships Sister Parish fosters. 

Thank you everyone for your commitment and dedication.

En la buena lucha,


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