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Letter from Vicki Schmidt for annivesary celebration

En español Read by her daughter AnnaLisa Nash at the Sister Parish 25th Anniversary Celebration in Minneapolis, MN on November 15, 2013 Greetings to all gathered on this very special occasion! My heart is with you as I grieve not being … Continue reading

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Coming Together for Sister Parish 25th Anniversary Celebration

By St. Joan of Arc member and Sister Parish, Inc. Board member Nancy Wiens On the evening of November 15th, over 80 people from around the Midwest gathered to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Sister Parish, Inc.  We gathered at … Continue reading

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Guatemala Representatives Meeting: September 21-22, 2013

On September 21st, participants from all nine Guatemalan communities gathered to celebrate Sister Parish’s 25 years of operation in the U.S. and Latin America.  The 25th Anniversary Guatemala Solidarity Walk was blessed with cool breezes and smiles from all walks … Continue reading

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Guatemala Solidarity Walk: A message of peace for future generations

“We are looking for direct communication with God. Each one of us has feelings and the desire to express ourselves.  The Walk makes us feel free.  We all live with different problems but we ask God to guide us, to … Continue reading

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Twenty-Five Years of Memories: Interweaving the Strands of Life

[By Jackie Arreaza, former staff member] As I look back on the 25 years of Sister Parish, I remember celebrating the 10th anniversary in 1998. We made bookmarks as a joint effort between North and the South, using pieces of fabric woven in Guatemala, which we glued on to cards created in the USA which said “INTERWEAVING the strands of life; to build community, to change lives.” Continue reading

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Twenty-Five Years of Memories: Working for Justice by Standing in Solidarity

[By Bob Heberle and Nancy Wiens of St Joan of Arc, Minneapolis, MN] When I toured Central America in 1983 and visited the civil and human rights groups working there, all seemed to have the same message. The message was, “Come down here to see what’s going on, and go back to your country, the U.S., and tell them what’s going on and get them to do something. You are after all a citizen of the U.S. and therefore have some input.” Continue reading

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[By Jose Choc of Las Margaritas II, Guatemala] In 1993, the relationship with [St Francis of Assisi] and Las Margaritas began. They came to search for and to get to know another church and the life here in the community, to share experiences and exchange experiences. It was also during the times of war and the people suffered a lot in Ixcan. Continue reading

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Watching the fields we tend to grow fruit

[By Walter Arreaza, former SP Staff] I have been away from Sister Parish for a number of years (most of which I have spent living in Scotland) and so to come back and re-enter the experience has made a big impact on me again… Continue reading

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Building Community… Seed by Seed

[By Nancy Wiens, Sister Parish Board Member] When I first went on a Sister Parish delegation from St. Joan of Arc Church in Minneapolis, I didn’t realize I was starting the long journey to ‘build community’ across borders. My motivations were simple — to see a part of the world unfamiliar to me and to learn about Guatemala’s culture, history and people. Little did I know that, through my experiences and the people I met there, I was planting seeds that would eventually blossom into a much deeper interconnectedness with our community of friends in Guatemala. Continue reading

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[By Aldina and Conchita, members of UPAVIM, Guatemala] In 1980, a man named Richard Fenske arrived with his wife to our community, La Esperanza, with intentions of studying Spanish, but after being in the community they realized that there was a great lack in health services. Mr. Fenske at that time was working on bringing groups to Guatemala through Sister Parish, but had not brought one yet. At that time I was attending the health workshops of his wife, Barbara, with other women from the community. The workshops taught us how to properly care for our children and included other health topics. Continue reading

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