Hurricanes Eta and Iota – Update and Relief Funds

Hurricanes Eta and Iota have devastated Central America with both immediate and long-term consequences, as hundreds of thousands of people lost homes and/or crops they would have relied on to eat in 2021. In Sister Parish, there were at least four communities affected and we are working with them on community aid efforts.

In the absence of government aid, rural communities and humanitarian organizations are stepping up to help out their neighbors that have been most impacted. It is inspiring and heart-warming.

This video has pictures and video from three affected Sister Parish communities in Guatemala after Hurricane Eta. The same communities were also affected by Hurricane Iota only two weeks later.

For more information

Migrants Flee Climate Change Ravaged Central America as Record-Breaking Hurricanes Hit

Indigenous people in Guatemala lead their own Hurricane Eta response

Relief funds

Below, there are links to organizations raising funds specifically for hurricane relief in Central America.  Our Sister Parish emergency fund is still up and running. Our fundraiser is for all Sister Parish communities for a variety of emergencies, including but not limited to the hurricanes.

Thanks to the Latin American Working Group (LAWG) for the original list.

REDGUA – Red de Guatemaltecos Unidos en Acción
Relief for ETA Storm Evacuees in Guatemala

Alianza Americas: 
Central America Relief Fund 

Florida Immigrant Coalition: 
Central America Hurricane Relief Fund

Honduras Solidarity Network:
Hurricane ETA Emergency Response Fund

Recommended by NISGUA: 
Festival Abrazarte

Maya Communities Need Help

Support for Eta Storm Evacuees in Ixcán, Guatemala 

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