Humble and united: Guatemala Solidarity Walk and representatives meeting 2015

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On September 20-21, representatives from 8 Sister Parish communities in Guatemala gathered for the bi-annual meeting and the 2015 Solidarity Walk.  The weekend was a time for fellowship, ecumenical worship, and an exchange about the September elections at the local level.

Northern churches and the Sister Parish communities in El Salvador are far away, but we hope photos from our weekend, the meeting report, and the video below will share some of the weekend’s fellowship with you.


As a group we debrief the Solidarity Walk and our representatives meeting each year.  Here are some comments from this year:

IMG_6922“Here we trust each other and we can express ourselves without fear. We can talk about everything, even politics, like we just did… The Bible talks about how wonderful it is to see people gathered at the church, but the most important thing for me is that we stay humble and united. We will stay together, even if we don’t know how.”

“I always participate in the walk, because I feel like this is something that we should do as Sister Parish – stand in solidarity with people who are going through difficult situations in our communities.”

“The Solidarity Walk is a wonderful experience. It helps us overcome the difficult things n our lives. Thank you for being here and for participating in the walk.”

Thank you to all who have supported the representatives gatherings and Solidarity Walk.

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