Annual Guatemalan Children’s Party ‘Goes Green’

Originally posted on the St. Joan of Arc website.

IMG_6078Each year, the youth group at our Sister Parish in Guatemala takes the initiative to plan and conduct a Christmas party for younger children in their community.  This year’s theme was, “Take care of your planet: Let us love the world as Christ loves us.”  Check out the photos of the Children’s Christmas Party to see all the decorations of recycled material – very impressive!

This event involves youth leaders in the development of their community and helps younger children strengthen values and share time together in a healthy way. SJA and our Sister Parish committee provide financial assistance. We give thanks to all those involved for the inspiring work they do to build a more hopeful future.

Merry Christmas from our Sister Parish, TNII!

For more information about St. Joan’s Sister Parish relationship, check out the Peace and Justice page, or contact Julie Madden.

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