Adios from Christine, US Regional Coordinator

Dear Friends,


I’m writing to let you know that after three fabulous years at Sister Parish, I’ve accepted a new position and will be leaving Sister Parish at the end of August.

When I first became the US Regional Coordinator in April of 2010, I was recently engaged and living in Washington, DC. In the last three years, you supported me as I moved across the country, began seminary and got married. After I moved to California, the first person to take me out to lunch and welcome me to the area was former board member Bill Williams. Three weeks before my wedding, at the Sister Parish Center in Guatemala City, women from Danville Congregational Church gathered around me to pray for me as I stepped into that exciting new journey. I still remember coming home from my honeymoon to be greeted with emails, voicemails and letters from Sister Parish community members sending their love to me and Alex.


I am so thankful for all of the ways that you have supported me and my family, and I am equally thankful for all of the ways that I’ve gotten to watch Sister Parish grow and change over the last three years. In my time as US Coordinator, we’ve welcomed new board members, staff and Sister Parish communities into the organization. We’ve faced challenges together, grown and learned from one another.

As we celebrate our 25th Anniversary this year, it’s been a particular joy for me to hear your memories of Sister Parish’s early years, and dream with you about the organization’s future. It makes me realize what an awesome journey we’ve gone on. I’m so proud of how much I’ve seen Sister Parish grow and strengthen in my time here, and I hope you’re all very proud of it as well.

It has been such an immense blessing to be welcomed into this community, and to be a part of this transformative work. I can never thank you enough for everything I’ve learned from all of you. I will always keep Sister Parish in my prayers, and look forward to seeing what the next 25 years has in store for this wonderful community.

En la buena lucha,

Christine Winnett, US Coordinator

PS: Sister Parish is now taking applications for the US Coordinator position. You can learn more about the position here. Please help us spread the word!

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3 Responses to Adios from Christine, US Regional Coordinator

  1. Arlene Reed says:

    Dear Christine,
    We appreciate all you have done for Sister Parish. We will miss you and wish you God’s blessings on the next path of your journey.
    With love,
    Arlene Reed

  2. Nicole Hertel Meirose says:

    Muchas gracias, Christine for all of your hard work. You were a solid foundation for the organization in the U.S. and I admire your commitment and grace as you poured your heart into this work that you believe in so strongly.

  3. greghd says:

    Christine, you have been a blessing to our family and we will miss you dearly. Your smiling voice on the end of the phone call always made me know that despite all the hard work seemingly done alone in your room, you knew that we were on this journey together. Bless be your journey from here forward and we hope that any church you serve in the future will consider a SP linkage! 🙂

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