Tierra Nueva 2 – Second round of food aid

In June, the Sister Parish committee in Tierra Nueva 2, Guatemala organized a second round of food aid.  For the first round, they focused on providing food baskets and basic hygiene supplies to elders and single mothers, those thought to be among the most vulnerable to the negative economic impact of the shelter-at-home orders.  For the second round, the committee handed out food aid and basic supplies to people who had been quarantined after positive COVID-19 cases were found at the garment factories (maquilas) where they worked.  At that time, the Ministry of Health in Guatemala was supervising quarantine for families who had known exposure to the virus.  Families could not leave their homes for two weeks and relied on neighbors for food and basic necessities. Most of the workers were suspended without pay for this period.  The committee also included a few more at-risk members of the church in the second round of food aid.

Thank you TN2 for your example of solidarity in times of crisis.


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