Tierra Nueva 1 and 2 celebrate Women’s Day

In Guatemala, about 30 women from the women’s groups from Tierra Nueva 1 and Tierra Nueva 2 participated in a march organized at the municipal level this year for International Women’s Day.  Three women who work in the clinic in Tierra Nueva 1 also joined the march representing the Multi-Sector Group that has met with our delegations in the past. Some of the recurring themes were about calling for greater access to reproductive health and for an end to violence against women in all its forms.  Another sign they made said, “Generacion Igualdad” or “Generation Equality” and it was explained to me that this one specifically called on women to see each other as equals and to support each other.

In El Salvador, members of the Chalatenango Sister Parish communities participated in a national march organized in San Salvador with the CCR – The Community Association for the Development of Chalatenango.  Their banners read, “Juntas luchamos, juntas resistimos, juntas avanzamos” – “Together we struggle, together we resist, together we move forward.”

It is always an honor to accompany the women on this day. ¡Adelante compañeras!

March organized for International Women’s Day in San Salvador with the participation of Chalatenango communities. Photo credit: Miriam

The following pictures are all from the march in Chinautla, Guatemala. Full photo album.

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