Open Delegation Stories 6: Visiting the U.S. Embassy and Tierra Nueva 1,2

by Nancy Wiens

This morning we met with Bryce Jordan from the U.S. Embassy in Guatemala. His portfolio includes many human rights issues, including migration. He provided an interesting perspective as we learn more about the realities of life here.

Bryce Jordan with Rosario and Pedro.

Then we set out for a visit to Tierra Nueva I and II, two Sister Parish communities on the outskirts of Guatemala City. We were greeted warmly and offered a delicious lunch, and then heard a presentation about how these settlement communities were formed in the 1970s and 80s. Afterwards our group split up — the St. Joan of Arc contingent met with TNII folks to discuss several points for our specific partnership, and the rest went for a walk and tour of the neighborhood.  That night, we celebrated Rick’s birthday with cake, candles and birthday songs. Happy birthday, Rick!

Fellowship and delicious food in Tierra Nueva 2.

St Joan of Arc members leave messages for everyone in Tierra Nueva 2.

Our wonderful hosts in Tierra Nueva 2.

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