Fryeburg Academy visits Guatemala with Sister Parish

From May 24-June 2, a group of 8 students and 2 teachers from Fryeburg Academy visited Guatemala with Sister Parish.  Long-time Sister Parish member and former Board member Greg Huang-Dale facilitated the connection and participated in the delegation.

The students had the opportunity to learn from long-time Sister Parish members like Otto and Basilia from San Andres Itzapa, UPAVIM, and two youth groups from Tierra Nueva II.

We are so grateful to everyone who participated in making this delegation such a powerful experience.  We hope to see Fryeburg Academy again in the near future.

Here’s what participants said about the trip:

“I learned a lot about Guatemala, Mayan culture, our group and about myself.  I feel I am an independent person, but grew even more independent.  It was also incredible to connect with Guatemalan people, especially kids!”

“I had an amazing time and I’m so glad to have had the opportunity.”

“I really enjoyed meeting the kids from the other schools (TN2 and UPAVIM). I thought it was really incredible to connect with kids.”

“The most significant experience for me was getting to meet the youth groups.  It was so fun, great, and eye-opening.  I did not want to leave and this makes me want to come back. The soccer stadium was amazing, so was the park band and all the people.  I also really liked riding the horses and the boat ride.”

Youth exchange with Tierra Nueva II.

Learning new games, like the dragon game pictured here, during the youth exchange with Tierra Nueva II.

Visit to Iximche Mayan historical and archaeological site.

Meeting up with Sister Parish members at Iximche.

Visit to the National Police Archives.

Learning about nahuales at the Pop Wuj art gallery.

Visit to the Pop Wuj art gallery in Chichicastenango.

Learning about permaculture alternatives with the Campesino Committee of the Highlands.

Visit with UPAVIM school and craft area.

Hiking the Pacaya volcano.

Riding horses on Pacaya volcano hike.

Visit with Ruth and Naomi Cooperative in Chichicastenango.

Learning about natural dying techniques from a cooperative in San Juan la Laguna.

On the way to do volunteer work with Mayan Families.

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