Why I serve on the Sister Parish Inc. Board of Directors

by Mike Spellman

In a world that seems to be spinning out of control with so many people engaging in ethnic, cultural, religious or national hatreds, one special group is doing what it can to engage in the active pursuit of peace, love, justice, and respect for others.  That’s Sister Parish.

I serve on the Sister Parish Board of Directors because their program of two-way international travel to Central America brings me into direct contact with people whose lives I could otherwise never have imagined.  I’ve discovered that more can be accomplished over a Guatemalan farmer’s kitchen table than around the negotiating table.

When the privileged and the oppressed walk side by side in solidarity, both are enlightened and empowered.  Differences evaporate.  Solutions are discovered.  And friendship and love triumph.  I’m glad that in my own small way, through service on the Sister Parish Board, I’ve been able to slow the spinning just enough to matter.

Sister Parish is looking for new people to join our wonderful Board of Directors team.  If you are interested or can recommend someone in your community, please contact Carrie Stengel for more information.


Mike tables at a regional synod assembly to help get the word out about Sister Parish.

About sisterparishinc

Building community across borders.
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