Over 40 Organizations Call on Congress to Address Humanitarian Crisis at the Border

In July, Sister Parish joined over 40 other organizations in calling on the US government to adopt a humanitarian response to the border situation and to address the root causes of migration to the US.  Read the letter coordinated by WOLA and the press release below.

You can also take action and follow organizations like WOLA and LAWG for up to date information and relevant actions.


WOLA Press Release

July 23, 2014

Groups Urge Emergency Aid and Attention to the Underlying Causes of Violence

Washington, D.C.— Today, leading human rights, development, and faith-based organizations released an open letter to Members of Congress calling on legislators to address the humanitarian crisis of tens of thousands of children from Central America who have been apprehended and detained at the U.S. border.  The letter appeared in full page ad in the Wednesday edition of The Hill.

The groups are calling on Congress to address the immediate emergency needs of the children and families at the border while providing resources to address the underlying conditions that are driving them to flee Central America.

“These children are turning themselves in and seeking our protection from horrendous violence in their communities,” said WOLA’s Executive Director, Joy Olson.  “More border security will not help.  We need to face the root causes of violence at the community level.”  

Many of the signatory organizations have long experience working on Central America policy in the United States and on the ground in the region. They have witnessed the origins of the crisis and have specific, practical recommendations for “investments in violence prevention, criminal justice reform, and development programs that will help stabilize communities and expand opportunities for the young people of Central America.”

“We have a moral and legal obligations to ensure these children and families are treated humanely and provided all due protections under current law,” say the signatories. “This is a complex crisis and human tragedy that demands a response to both immediate needs and longstanding causes.”

Please click here for the full text of the letter.

Please click here for additional information and analysis from WOLA.


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