“Freeing Hope” Marches Through Mexico

Source: prensalibre.com

Each year, an estimated 20,000 migrants are kidnapped each year in Mexico. These numbers are of course disputed by international human rights organizations, the Mexican government, and families that are the victims of such acts. What is not refutable are the 72 corpses of migrants that were found in the Mexican town of San Fernando in August of 2010 and families who have yet to receive word from loved ones who have trekked the dangerous terrain . Sadly, families are unable to obtain information or support from the Mexican government.

On October 19, 2012, after a Honduran mother was able to locate her missing son, a group of mothers called “Freeing Hope” began its march through Mexico with the purpose of drawing attention to the criminal elements functioning in Mexico. Starting in Puerto de Tampico, passing through towns such as the aforesaid San Fernando, and ending in the town of Reynosa which borders Texas.  The march will cover 2,485 miles and 14 of 32 Mexican states. 

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