Guatemala Representatives Meeting – September 2012

On September 29th and 30th, representatives from eight of the Sister Parish communities in Guatemala gathered for a weekend of decisions, learning and prayer.

While in the capital, the representatives participated in the second annual Guatemala Solidarity Walk and held elections for the new Guatemala Directiva.

As busy as the weekend was, we valued the time set aside for reflections, prayers and song.   During our ecumenical service, with candles lit for the four directions, fascinating questions arose about the Mayan calendar and the significance of the year 2012.  Representatives from San Andres Itzapa explained that a new cycle begins in the Mayan calendar this December.  Each new cycle is a time for transformation and change, but not the end of the world, as portrayed by some media.

Representatives also had the opportunity to hear from a woman leader from FRENAM, a community association organizing on mining in San Jose del Golfo and San Pedro Ayampuc.  The speaker spoke of local organizing efforts, attacks against their leaders, and how their faith gives them strength to continue.

We thank all who contributed to make these activities possible.

Read our full report (PDF) on the Guatemala representatives meeting, including the list of attendees and the new members of the Guatemala Directiva.

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