2016 Solidarity Walk


The Solidarity Walk is Sister Parish’s largest outreach and fundraising event of the year.

Every year, Sister Parish communities in the US, Guatemala and El Salvador raise money for Sister Parish by hosting Solidarity Walks in their communities.  The walk is also a time to gather for reflection and prayer.

This year’s theme is “Year of Encounter” and we are celebrating how Sister Parish encounters affect our lives.  In November of 2016, Sister Parish members from the U.S., El Salvador, and Guatemala will gather for an event and the annual Solidarity Walk as part of this year’s Open Delegation.  We invite you to join us by organizing in your community.


Guatemala Solidarity Walk in 2015.

To organize a Solidarity Walk, you can use the following materials:

If your community is not hosting a walk this year, you can still participate.

  • Sponsor the Solidarity Walk in Guatemala and El Salvador. You can pledge to support the walkers from your partner community.  All funds donated to this walk will be used for community visits and activities in Guatemala and El Salvador.

Contact us with any questions about organizing or sponsoring a walk or similar event.

Solidarity lunch at Wallingford

Solidarity lunch at Wallingford United Methodist Church in Seattle in 2015.


2015-10-31 11.08.59

Solidarity Walk in El Salvador in 2015.