2018 Solidarity Walk

The Solidarity Walk is our largest outreach and fundraising event of the year. Every year, Sister Parish communities in the US, Guatemala and El Salvador raise money for Sister Parish by hosting Solidarity Walks in their communities.  The walk is also a time to gather for fellowship and prayer.  We hope you will join us by organizing a Solidarity Walk or alternative event in your community.

This year’s theme is “Family”.  We often talk with love about the Sister Parish family, the community of people that have been changed by the Sister Parish experience.  Participants stay in family homes, recognize the common bonds of family across different cultures, reflect that we are all part of the same family of God, and form long-lasting family-oriented connections with people in their sister community.

Please join us this year in reflecting on how we have, and will continue to, build this beloved community in divisive times.

St Joan of Arc Solidarity Walk 2017

Materials to organize your Solidarity Walk:

If your community is not hosting a walk this year, you can still participate.

Please contact us with any questions.

Participants in the Guatemala Solidarity Walk 2017 holding a sign that says, “Solidarity: We are grateful to each one of you.”

El Salvador members hold Solidarity Walk on the anniversary of the 1980 murder of the four U.S. missionaries in El Salvador.

Guatemala Solidarity Walk 2017 in Chichipate.