Founders Circle Match


Some Sister Parish founders visiting with board members and southern community members in Central America this April.

In honor of our 25th Anniversary, Sister Parish founders are joining together to raise $25,000 in celebration of 25 years of solidarity.

From now until November 15, founders are offering a dollar for dollar matching grant for donations until we reach our $25,000 goal. That means that if Sister Parish community members will raise $12,500, founders will contribute another $12,500 to match it.

This money will be donated to the Sister Parish general fund. It will become the foundation upon which we can keep building solidarity for another 25 years (and beyond)!

You can help us raise $25,000 in our 25th year by making your own donation and writing “Founders Circle” in the memo line. Or, your church can raise money for the Founders Circle Match as a community by holding a Solidarity Walk, dinner, talent show, or other event. You can even hold an event as part of your 25th Anniversary Community Celebration.

Contact us for more information about how you can contribute to the Founders Circle Match.

Thank you to our founders:
Ginnie and Allan Berge
Louise Eidsmoe
Bob Heberle
Jenny and Greg Huang-Dale
David Martin
Rick Nelson and Nancy Wiens
Diane Pittman and Lawrence Krantz
Arlene Reed
Vicki and Peter Schmidt
Bill Williams and Linda Reeve
Lee Zook and Jan Heikes
An Anonymous Donor