Katy Lazo

In June 2021, Sister Parish welcomed Katy Lazo to our team as contract staff.

My name is Katy Lazo. I graduated in education, but my heart is dedicated to community work.

My commitment to my people started from a very young age when I saw the example of my parents with their professions and their work in the most vulnerable communities in El Salvador. When I started university, I participated in my first volunteer service. We built houses for low-income families. I did that for over 7 years and that experience changed my life.

When I graduated with my bachelor’s degree, I knew that I wanted to work in service for my people. Therefore I dedicated my 5-year career to working with families in communities through organizations such as Habitat for Humanity.

A dreamer by profession and committed to the most vulnerable, since I am a faithful believer that God asks us to put our faith into action, and my motto has always been to love and to serve above all. My dreams are to specialize in community work or human rights, in order to achieve a much greater impact in the communities of my country.

Belonging to Sister Parish is a blessing since I can continue to put my knowledge at the service of people and above all help build that bond between people with good hearts and show how beautiful and capable my people are.


Email: katy@sisterparish.org